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I have noticed something on the site that is written about me, or a photo of me, that I would like removed.
Certainly! We realise that most of the content on this site was written 10 years ago, when we were just 18. Circumstances change, and you may feel now that you don’t want this content read anymore. Just drop us an email with your concerns and we shall deal with it together. Please note: to read full articles you must be a logged in, validated user, and thus part of the ‘Class of 2004’ year group. 
I signed up a while ago, but have still not been verified.
Odd! We can look into it. It might be because we don’t recognise your Facebook name. (Is it different to how we knew you at school?) Just drop us an email, and we can look into it.
I’d love to sign up and join in, but I don’t have a Facebook account, or I’d simply rather not sign up via Facebook.
You don’t have a Facebook account? Did you do something naughty? OK, so this is possible, you can alternatively sign up using an email address.
What is a ‘Verified User’?
This is our way of making sure that the only people that can view sensitive content are legitimate members of our year group at Worth. We will do our upmost best to ensure that any spammers, or imposted are removed as quickly as possible.

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